Business, Entrepreneur & Leadership Coaching, Facilitation and Training Services

  • 'Executive Elite' & and 'Velocity Laser' Coaching for Senior Management & Executive Leaders
  • 'Quantum Advantage' Coaching and Strategic Planning for Entrepreneurs and Starter-Uppers
  • Team / Group Facilitation (Team Building, Planning, Strategy)
  • 'Extraordinary Leaders' Senior Level Management & Executive Leaders Training Program
  • 'Executive Transitions Program' for senior management and C-Suites transitioning into a new leadership role or position

LBD® Elite Leadership Coaching:

The Executive Elite Coaching Programme is a unique and in-depth coaching process involving an assessment - planning - action - learning framework designed specifically for senior-level management and C-Suite clients. A coaching engagement, typically spanning 7 - 12 months - is flexible and bespoke to the unique needs, style and development targets of individual leaders in alignment with those of the organization. Coaching for Senior Management & Executive Leaders can help with performance issues, but is most often used to continue the development and learning journey of senior business leaders - particularly where other learning and development options end. While specific development targets may be set and measured collaboratively between the Executive, the Executive's employer and the Coach (via a Sponsored Coaching program), all discussions and information shared in coaching conversation is always confidential and non-judgmental.

LBD® Velocity Laser Coaching:

a less formalized but powerful option for leaders who are busy professionals without a lot of time to spare, and who aren't ready or able to commit to the full requirements of the Executive Elite program - but still want the support, guidance and the benefits of having a confidential Leadership Coach. Like a term membership, Velocity Laser Coaching allows for UNLIMITED 30-minute laser coaching sessions, with little or no scheduling needed. Laser Coaching is particularly valuable to support Executive leaders with "in-the-moment" coaching conversations to work through challenges with interpersonal communications and relationships, trust-building and influence, stress and time management, refocusing perspective thinking and building confidence, challenging bias' and behavioural change, building emotional intelligence, decision-making, and more.


Quantum Advantage Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Starter-Uppers

This specialized coaching and strategic consultation program is designed to support and guide new business owners in their entrepreneurial journey, from ideation to business modelling and strategizing to monetization to market and beyond. Personalized to each client, this coaching program is for any new business owner who is unsure, unfocused, unmotivated or struggling with taking the practical and personal steps needed to succeed.

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ABOUT Joëlle Mourré, Leadership and Executive Coach - Team Facilitator - Trainer

Joëlle Mourré is a certified and experienced leadership coach, trainer, and group facilitator from Canada, bringing +20 years of expertise in business leadership, strategic planning, organizational culture and change, and leading, mentoring and coaching individuals and teams.

Adhering to ICF Code of Ethics, Joelle challenges her clients in complete confidence to confront their assumptions, recognize their blind-spots, and focuses on measurable goals and meaningful change. Every client is unique, so every solution is unique. Joëlle strives to surpass the status quo of standard learning development practices, and is constantly seeking to improvise, innovate and create the best tailored approach for each clientʼs needs and goals.

Joëlle utilizes her extensive experience and time-tested best practices to enable individuals and organizations to establish, align, and achieve personal, managerial, leadership and organizational goals. As a leadership specialist, she has worked with hundreds of organizations and individuals, at the board and senior management levels, from board governance (NGO-specialization) to facilitating organizational strategic planning retreats, as well as program design, planning, and impact evaluation, visioning, organizational values, culture and change, branding and identity, business ethics, communications and influence, and emotional intelligence.

As a Business Leadership Coach, Joëlle helps Senior Managers and C-level Executives to identify and achieve professional growth and leadership development, at the root causes and behavioural drivers to affect peak personal and professional effectiveness and success.

Joëlle is also co-owner and managing partner of Lotfi & Mourre Consulting, an architectural and interior design company working in Egypt and throughout the GCC region.

Joëlle moved from Vancouver, Canada to Egypt in 2010 to pursue new cultural and career adventures - and has hardly looked back since. She has two adult children and three grandsons who continue to reside in Canada, and she tries to visit as them as much as possible - which is, of course, never enough.

For more information about Joëlle: www.linkedin.com/in/jdmourre