LBD Extraordinary Leaders Programme

Leader by Design is currently developing the "LBD Extraordinary Leaders Programme," a unique and high-impact certified leadership series of 5 workshops (a total of 64 Learning Hours) covering the most essential and transformative leadership practices for the 21st Century.

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Peter Drucker, notable thought-leader on business management and leadership, once wrote,

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”

He couldn’t have foreseen how extremely relevant and important this insight would be for 21st Century leaders.

In this remarkable era of “Globalization 4.0” and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, leaders everywhere are struggling to adapt and keep pace with the frenzied speed of innovation and technology, the global shifts in trade and commerce, and the many ambiguous ethical questions that these kinds of tremendous complexities raise.

We are indeed in turbulent times, and traditional leadership models and practices just aren’t keeping pace.

In the Extraordinary Leaders Programme, we want to equip senior business leaders with the skills and tools for navigating the 21st Century, effectively and confidently, with the most essential leadership skills like

  • complex problem solving and critical thinking,
  • innovation and creativity,
  • leveraging power and influence effectively,
  • emotional intelligence and inspired communications, and
  • aligning organizational culture and ethical frameworks.

Gain the advantage you need to lead forward in this turbulent but bold new world.

Available Programme Courses*

Part 1: Leadership in the 21st Century – Thriving in Complexity and Disruption

Part 2: Influence Without Authority – How Leaders Rise

Part 3: Powerful Leadership Communications – Influence Starts Here

Part 4: Practical Business Ethics– Leading from the High Ground

Part 5: Emotional Intelligence for Leaders– Because Being Clever Isn’t Enough

*This programme was designed to be delivered sequentially over a 6 week period.

Each can also be delivered independently as a single course selection.

- Certificates of Completion from Leader by Design are available.

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