Brand and Corporate Identity

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The term “brand” has become one of those words that has almost propelled itself into the hallowed halls of business jargon due to its ubiquity and, frankly, overuse.

It might be easier to start with what a brand ISN’T.

A brand is not:

  • Your logo
  • Your tagline
  • Your product
  • Your service

All of these things can be expressions of your brand but they are not your brand.

Here’s the simplest way we here at Lotfi and Mourré Consulting defines brand:

Branding is the promise of a distinct, memorable experience.

It is about building trust with your customer that what you promise, you deliver. It’s about creating an expectation and delivering it consistently every time anyone comes into contact with your brand.

It is how your guest chooses you over your competition; how you greet your guest; how you treat your guest; how your product is created, priced, plated and delivered; how you outlet looks and feels. It is how you respond to your guest when their expectations are not met, and what you do to recover trust when your brand promise is broken. Your brand is what they will say about you to their friends, co-workers, and family – the good and the bad.

Developing a strong, authentic brand and delivering it consistently is the foundation upon which every successful business is built.

We can help you build on your existing brand, taking advantage of all your best existing qualities and minimizing your weaknesses, to create the best message to strengthen your business, and your bottom line.

We’ll help uncover what differentiates you from the competition and defines who you are and what you want to be, and what your target audience wants you to be.

The development of this brand and how to use it will be essential to consistently delivering the right message, and the right experience, to the right people to create the just the right reaction.


As brand strategists, we combine business, marketing, communications, and design thinking to develop meaningful, differentiated, and authentic brands for companies big and small, start-ups or stalwarts.

We don't just come up with what’s cool; we craft the message your customers want to hear and one that you can deliver on.

We’ve seen first-hand how the power of brand can elevate a company from a commodity to a valued partner; how it can rescue a business from the trenches of an impossible-to-win price war, and how it can motivate employees and customers alike to become full-fledged fans.