My mission is to help established and latent leaders to optimize their leadership potential by developing their focus, skills and goals to excel professionally, through personalized coaching engagements, training and facilitation, in order that they may become confident and more effective their executive leadership roles.

Who needs Leadership Coaching?
• B and C-level Executives seeking to enhance their leadership
• Up-and-coming leaders seeking to ascend to the next level and
• Managers shifting into B and C-level Executive positions
• Senior management teams seeking strategically-sound
solutions and support
• Leaders looking to new career horizons
• Millennial leaders and entrepreneurs looking to establish a
leadership profile
• Leaders seeking to create shared vision and organizational
• Leaders seeking to strengthen organizational culture and to
manage self or organizational change
• Leaders who need HR guidance, career advice, personal
branding, and overall team leadership guidance

I am also a Certified Leadership Trainer & Group Facilitator, with an extensive portfolio of hundred's of training engagements, workshops and retreats for senior staff and volunteers of numerous corporate, NGO, cross-sector and community groups. I can deliver 1 - 3 day workshops on a variety of leadership topics, such as:
Authentic Leadership
Strategic Planning
Aligned Vision and Values
Effective Governance & Structure
Practical Business Ethics
Performance, Program and Organizational Evaluation Systems
Individual and Team Performance Assessments and Coaching
Program and Individual Planning
Organizational Culture and Change Management
Collaborative Team Building
Effective Communications and Interpersonal Relationships
Time Management
Problem-Solving and Creative Thinking
Emotional & Multiple Intelligence's
True Colors® Team Building
Leader as Coach and Mentor