Cairo Festival City - Private Luxury Villa

We began this project from its structural skeleton, a mere cement shell waiting to be formed into a spectacular, fully-automated, luxury family home.

Our client asked for an architectural and interior design that would meet the various needs of a growing family, with concepts that melded formal designs on the ground floor, and modern designs in private living spaces. Every bedroom is custom-designed and outfitted for each member of the family.

This villa is our first project as a complete Smart Home (courtesy of "ASME Integrated Solutions"), with a fully integrated "automation" system (from lighting to drapery to media to security systems) - all of which can be operated and managed by each member of the family through a customized smart-phone application.

Every detail of this villa was under our personal care, from the marble water-jet design and ceiling decorations, to every piece of furniture, to the one-of-a-kind commissioned artworks, in the basement and the relief wall on the pool. This villa has unique features, including; a luxury 3D home theater with lounge; home gym with change room and shower; a stunning fountain swimming pool with hot tub; a fully-contained 1-bed/1-bath/kitchen/lounge basement suite; a second-floor full-amenities suite with a mezzanine loft bedroom above a study and lounge, full guest kitchenette and washrooms.

Take a tour with us, through the following

series of 5 short videos, highlighting the many features of this extraordinary family villa:

This villa is a fully-automated SmartG4 home, operational from digital wall panels or from smart phone.

Courtesy of "ASME Integrated Solutions".

Skills: Interior Design Concept, Branding and Identity Architectural Engineering Architectural Design 3D Conceptualizing Spacial Function Design

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