Who We Work With

With a wide variety of services ranging from concept-to-design-to-build-to-operations, we need an equally wide variety of partners, suppliers, contractors and experts as part of our resource network. We are proud to work with the following excellent companies:

Task: Architecture Interior Design Contracting Business Development Concept, Brand, Identity Menu Engineering Operations and Management Training and Skills Development Franchising


Company Overview

CIRRUS CONTRACTING is a customer-focused construction company, building a variety of projects for public and private clients in Cairo since 2012.

At CIRRUS CONTRACTING, we have a hands-on approach to construction management with attention to detail. Our dedicated on-site job superintendents and project managers ensure each project is performed safely and in accordance with client specifications.

Quality Services

CIRRUS CONTRACTING supports its customers and employees both in the field and in the office with quality services from initial estimates to project completion.

At CIRRUS CONTRACTING, we work hard to foster and grow a team of visionary, committed and enthusiastic employees. After all, our people are our reputation and our future. As such, we're always on the lookout for outstanding, well-rounded, community-minded individuals who have a sense of self as well as a desire to work with an excellent team to make a positive difference in the construction industry.

At CIRRUS CONTRACTING, we pride ourselves on providing accurate and comprehensive project estimates using state-of-the art software and technology as well as the practical industry knowledge and experience of our team

At CIRRUS CONTRACTING, we not only value our customers, but our employees and subcontractors as well. We pride ourselves on consistently beating the national industry average for safety in construction, We have a solid reputation for safety in the construction industry.


With a knowhow of over 11 years, Desingo team started as a specialist to serve Interior designers and Villas’ owners by offering comprehensive services for:

-Aluminum and Glass Products

-Integrated wood solutions

Desingo team works hard to create solutions for the clients, aiming reputation for excellence based on quality and innovation. Therefore we rely on various market system profiles to give our customers personalized solution with the variety to choose the suitable products with a proper quality and price.

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Top Class Company for Contracting and Supply is a specialist company for Design, supply, and installation of all the mechanical works according to the universal standard specifications specially HVAC works (Chilled water system , DX system , and VRF system) and Fire Fighting works (Sprinkler network system , Pump rooms , and FM 200 system).

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