Executive Leadership Coaching

What is Executive Leadership Coaching?

Leadership Coaching, also referred to as Executive Coaching, is “a one-to-one individualized process to benefit the leader and his/her organization. Working with goals defined between the leader, the coach, and the organization, a qualified and trusted coach uses various coaching methods and feedback data to develop the leader’s capacity for current and future leadership. This coaching is guided by a coaching partnership to achieve maximum impact and the highest level of learning."

Executive coaching is a hands-on, one-on-one process between an executive leader and an external coach that involves confidential and deep conversations, fieldwork and exercises, assessing and addressing competencies and barriers, and strategic leadership development. Executive Coaching is practical and goal-focused, and may concentrate on developing new or leveraging existing strengths, avoiding professional and personal derailers, or working through organizational issues like change initiatives, career or role transitions, cultural shifts or breakdowns, and restructuring and succession planning.

Who Uses Executive & Leadership Coaches?

If you are:

  • a C-Suite Executive seeking to enhance your leadership capacities
  • an up-and-coming Leader seeking to ascend to the next level and beyond
  • a Management Leader transitioning or seeking to transition into a C-level Executive position
  • a Senior Leader of a management team seeking strategically-sound solutions and support
  • a high-potential Leader looking to new career horizons
  • a Millennial Leader looking to establish your leadership profile
  • a Leader seeking to create shared vision and organizational alignment
  • a Leader seeking to strengthen the organizational culture and manage self or organizational change
  • a Leader seeking to:
    • better prioritize your time and efforts so you can increase your own productivity and effectiveness;
    • hone your focus on your personal and professional goals and to be accountable to yourself and others;
    • improve your ability to make decisions that are aligned with and beneficial to your organization;
    • help you identify your blind spots, and gain a deeper understanding of the thoughts and actions that block your growth;
    • develop leadership capabilities and new ways of thinking and acting that generalize to other situations and roles;
    • meta-learning: develop the skills and habits of self-reflection and self-development to ensure that your leadership learning will continue after coaching ends;
  • If you are a Leader who needs:
    • career or personal visioning and strategy, personal branding, enhanced skills in communications, interpersonal relations, conflict management, negotiation, time management, empathy and emotional intelligence, work-life balance, or
    • someone external to the organization who can be a confidential, unbiased and non-judgemental "sounding-board" to bounce off ideas, dilemmas, and tough decisions.
  • Executive Leadership Coaching might be the best solution for you!

    A typical Leadership Coaching Engagement* can range between 7 to 18 months, depending on the purpose and goals for coaching.

    Your investment will vary depending on the period and model of the Coaching partnership, and whether or not a “Sponsor” (the Executive's company) participates in the partnership.

    *Note that One-to-One Coaching is always confidential, non-judgmental, and personalized as collaborative, client-driven and co-created development strategy.

    Leader by Design offers two leadership coaching programs:

    LBD® Elite Leadership Coaching Model: a unique and indepth coaching process involving an assessment - planning - action - learning framework designed specifically for high-level management and C-Suite clients. The framework (typically spanning 7 - 12 months) is flexible and bespoke to the unique needs and learning styles of individual leaders, and aligned to the priorities of the executive's role and organization.

    LBD® Velocity Laser Coaching: for leaders who are busy professionals without a lot of time to spare, and who aren't ready or able to commit to the full requirements of the Executive Elite program but still want the benefits of having a Leadership Coach. Like a membership, it allows for UNLIMITED 30-minute laser coaching sessions, whenever needed.

    Download the full LBD® Leadership Coaching brochure HERE
    To find out if (and which) Executive Coaching is right for you, call or email me to arrange a free-of-charge, one-hour consultation: +20 102 34 2424 or email me: joelle@lotfiandmourre.com


    Joelle Mourre, Leadership and Executive Coach - Team Facilitator - Trainer

    My mission is to help established and latent leaders to optimize their leadership potential by developing their focus, skills and goals to excel professionally, through personalized (one-to-one) and group coaching engagements, in order that they may become more confident, strategic, and effective in their leadership roles.

    I draw on extensive background of working with leaders, teams and organizations, and have many years of experience using time-tested best practices to enable individuals and organizations just like yours establish and achieve personal, functional, leadership and organizational success.

    I am constantly keeping my knowledge and practices current, and integrate the most relevant processes and tools when appropriate - such as personality and performance assessments - for proven, meaningful ROI.

    Adhering to the ICF Code of Ethics, I ensure complete confidentially when addressing sensitive issues that may contribute to address root causes and behavioral drivers. I challenge assumptions, highlight blind-spots, and focus on measurable, meaningful change.

    Every client is unique, so every solution is unique. I challenge the status quo of standard learning development (beyond old theory and practices) to adapt, innovate and create the best tailored approach to each client’s needs and goals.

    To learn more about me, my background and my credentials, please visit my LinkedIn page at: www.linkedin.com/in/jdmourre

    LET'S TALK! Call or Email me to arrange your no-charge, one-hour coaching consultation.

    (Egypt) +20 102 34 2424

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